Maybe Relax A Little Bit And Take A Step Back

Emotionally going through a lot right now.  My aunt is still in a tough spot and I spent half a day with her today.  To be blunt, things are still a bit dicey.  Spending time with her at the hospital brings up too many memories including a recent one, a couple of months ago, when we went on a picnic.

It was her birthday, so my mom invited all of our family and cousins and the plan was to surprise my aunt for her 38th birthday.  It was pretty cool because there were about 22 of us who made it out.  I have an awesome picture of the surprised look on my aunt's face when she realized why mom had "dragged" her to the park. Lol... I need to find it and post it soon.  We had a barbecue with tons of food, great music, floaties for the lake, and of course, these two pretty cool kayaks my uncles own.

Going on a bit of a tangent here but my uncles have inspired me to buy a kayak of my own.  The ones I want are a bit up there in price but I figured I can get something mid-range?  Probably a two person kayak would be the best.  That way, I can take my younger cousins with me or my mom and aunt can borrow mine and go out whenever.

The only real issue is, I'm just not sure how to find super sturdy and quality kayaks under $200!

Back to the memories... I remember eating the best double cheeseburger with Thousand Island and three slices of cheese. I remember this specifically because my aunt and mom teased me about hitting the gym soon afterwards, to which I responded carelessly by laughing into the wind and pointing to my abs... well, my six pack :)

It's really, really tough to see someone who I am this close to laying in the hospital while the rest of us do nothing, helplessly, other than take turns by her side, waiting for good news to come rolling in.  Maybe tomorrow I'll take in her favorite mixed "tape" that I made her forever ago.  Please God, if ever I have asked for anything, it would be this.

This is too much, will continue this blog post later.

Why Do We Lose Our Passions?

Remember my last post where I mentioned about a bucket list?  Well, I guess I am choosing to talk about this.  My aunt was on her way to get groceries the other day and... this is hard to write about, but she was involved in a hit and run.  She got hit.  She's still in the hospital and we are on edge, not sure how she will make out of this, if at all.  I love my aunt.  Along with my mom, she raised me... she raised me to be the man I am today.

I remember when I was young, and mom was working long hours, she would tuck me in, read me a bedtime story, and sometimes, we would both sing together.  That's how my passion for singing and playing guitar started.  My mom worked a lot.  That's what happens when dads bail.  This is the reason I love women: they are far stronger than they are given credit for, and I firmly believe, especially mentally stronger. But I'm sure, a debate for another day.

I remember when she took me to this one studio in San Diego a couple of years ago.  I play in a rock band and my mom and aunt come to as many shows as they can.  It's not easy for them, but I do love seeing their faces in the crowd.  Back to San Diego: we drove there from New Mexico and to my surprise, she had booked a studio known for some great work.  In fact, I had been eyeing them the year prior but didn't have the budget.  Anyway, this sound studio San Diego was amazing.  We had four hours booked and got a song down.  But it wasn't the song: it was the memory made that way, knowing that I was meant to be involved in the world of music, somehow.

What a long tangent I went on... but if there is a God, I am praying that he will make her heal and bring her back to us, because she is too young for this.  For those of my friends (and myself) who take time for granted and waste it... please go visit your loved ones, pick up the phone, say I love you!  I'll be visiting my aunt first thing in the AM and so please, send her some well wishes.  Thank you.

Anyway, I'll be focusing on taking all my energy and pouring it into music in the coming weeks.  Maybe even play it for her...


Wildest, Most Insane Slides?

Man, the other day, I was thinking of putting together a bucket list of things I want to do before I die.  I hate saying that word, it scares me... but that's the most natural truth there is, right? I want to start taking one international trip a year, though how I am to make that happen... who knows.  I stumbled across this video and wow, what fun would this be.  Who wants to join me??!

Steve Irwin Reincarnated?

Steve Irwin's son does his father proud.  This was really heart warming to see; I remember when Steve passed away.  The whole world was in shock!  Anyway, things come back full circle, don't they?  This little guy seems to possess his father's enthusiasm and energy and love for animals.